My sister

Well my sister saw my blog and was out raged i hadnt written bout her so…. she is the same age as me a couple of mounths younger blah blah she is good at gymnastics and well suppose she is sound and well there u go….

Happy Hannah?


Intro to myself.

i am a year 8 student who is GCSE level in maths and sceince and am very good at IT (for my age) i am about 5ft 3in and awfull at sport except for rugby and golf i am ok at them. I am by NO means a nerd i just want a good job in Sceince mybe a teacher or somthing(they are in demand at the moment so it would be £££ for me!!… i am fairly popular i never get any girls (bumer right, lol) coz i am slightly overweight (9st 4) lol so theres a bit on me.

If you have any questions about me my ambishions ect leave a reply.

Another tribute

Aswell as the people i have mentioned in my last blog i would like to mention james he is my step-bro he is the soundest guy ever eccept some of his music is a bit weird but you know… james has helped me with many things befor like hacking my psp computer troubles ect ect.. so i just though he needed a mention. ok my next blog will be well not a tribute for those who are wondering (no-one coz no-one looks at my blog so the you go lol)

A Thankyou To Others

Hello people this is the second blog i have had and since i made my other blog a lot has happened things have changed and some people have inspired me and i would like to give those people a mention as a thankyou for there help. The first person i would like to thank is Gary he is a guy just left high school and although he doesnt know it he has helped me alot through out the years His blog can be found a check it out he is sound as a pound. Alos Lee bialecki also same age as gary has helped me alot mainly through his blog( ) but he has also give me advice and help in school.

so to thankyou GARY, LEE i dedicate my first post to you!!


The World As It Is In A Video.

A Chav Vs Emo Vid (fake but true) this upsets me that this is an acctuall war right now but oh well

ok whatch and well as allways post your opinion here

Credit Crunch

WHY? is the question right now Why have the food prices gone up, WHY is fuel so expensive, WHY are house prices going down. Now some people my think the house prices are a good thing but its not!! WHY (lol) it is bad because some people have a morgage (if you dont then lucky you!! and you wont be affected to badly you will lose money but if you have enough money to buy a hose full price then you are rich!!). say if you bought a 300k house with a morgage of 250k so there is 50k equity in your house then the house VALUE drops lets say 20k then a futher 70k that means the valye of ypur house is now 210k and you have a mortgage of 250k you now have NO money in your house at all therefore if you wanted to sell you would have to pay an an extra of 40k ontop of what the house is worth!! therefore you lose your original 50k and have to still pay another 40k now somehow i dont think that is right!!

and the answer to WHY is simple. MONEY people in the world think omg my billions are’nt enough so they raise the prises on every thing now that is annoying!!

Let us here your veiw and leave a comment